Hi! My name’s Bluto and I’m a 4-year-old neutered male Tree Walker Coonhound. Just like my nemesis, Popeye (just kidding…hahaha, he’s one of my best buds!), I bounded onto the scene of Lucy Mackenzie as a shelter transfer. One might think I am a villainous, but that’s all a mask. I am just as friendly and outgoing as the next guy! To be honest, I really have no idea how I got the name Bluto – maybe it’s because I am tough, and strong? (Or, I like to pretend I am – I’m a sweetheart that just LOVES to be around people!) I must admit, though, that I do have a boisterous voice on me when I get going, but can you blame me? Us hounds love to sing! Like my friend, Popeye, I need a little help and patience around food – I just get so excited when I eat! But, I am a quick to pick up on things, and with some love and guidance, I can go far in this world! So, if you have a void in your heart for a energetic hound like me, please call today to learn more!
**Bluto is currently living in a foster home and is not residing at the shelter. Please contact us at 802-484-5829 if you are interested in learning more about Bluto or if you would like to schedule an appointment to meet him.

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