“Hi! Our names are Kelly and Gus (that’s me in the back!), and we’re a precious pair of bonded Cocker Spaniels! I’m ten and Kelly is eleven. We just love each other so much, and simply can’t wait to meet our forever family so we can love them just as much, too! We’d like to live in a home that doesn’t have children, cats or other dogs. We value our own space, see, but with that also comes your undivided affection! (Which we know we’ll value so much, too!) I mean, seriously, have you ever seen anyone quite as cute as us? How could we not be the center of your world? So, if you’d love to have a gorgeous pair of bonded Cocker Spaniels in your life, then look no further than yours truly and come pop by the shelter to pay us a visit and learn more!”

  • Female
  • Senior
  • Small